Thursday, April 21, 2011

Darkest Fire by Tawny Taylor

A leisurely walk through the BDSM scene.

Rin and Drako are tied to their families' tradition. In Drako's case is guarding a powerful and secret object. As the leader of his generation of Black Gryffons, he is honor bound to produce sons who would follow the custodians' path, because of this, he must marry as soon as possible. In Rin's family, the tradition is the brutal practice of selling daughters to the sex trade. Trying to escape such fate, Rin studied and worked hard. However, her mother sold her younger sister, forcing Rin to work at a dubious massage place to gather the money she needs to pay for her sister's freedom.

When Drako meets Rin, he knows he seen her before, the next day he recalls where she serves up, and given her line of work, he assumes she would be happy to accept his proposition. The ultimatum from the white slaver, who has her sister, comes the same day Drako proposes a marriage of convenience. He needs a wife to birth his children, but he prefers someone who also would accept his BDSM lifestyle. Rin would get the money to free her sister and a lavish living. She doesn't have a choice, besides, her future husband is sexiness incarnate.

The arranged marriage works out perfectly for Rin. For the first time in her life, she has everything material and the freedom to enjoy it. She is helping her sister to recover and both of them start to live a normal life. Even so, there are dark clouds in her paradise. Her husband is resolved to never love her. Love is a liability for the Black Gryffons. He learned that first hand with his parent's happy marriage. Unknown to Rin, there is the serious threat of the Chimera and their dark conspiracy. The group wants to seize the Secret the Black Gryffons protect and would stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

Drako is part of a new kind of alpha hero, a more likeable one. I enjoyed when the author shared through him the insights of a Dom's mind and feelings. He is dominant in all the sense of the word, but he is a caring human being, who is tender and understanding with Rin. He doesn't questions her past or her choices, but supports her and trusts her. Rin is curious to learn more about her mysterious husband's BDSM world. A world he insists to keep away from her. Therefore, Rin has to seduce her way into his dungeon. Among rituals of dominance and submission Drako would have his own boundaries strained and tested by his wife's sensual body and unbroken spirit.

Darkest Fire is told from the point of views of Drako (I love male POV) Rin and the villain. I would have liked to learn more about Drako's brothers and Rin's sister. Sadly, the author did not spend time with any of them beyond their obvious supporting roles. I was a little disappointed to discover very little paranormal elements in this book. It could have been a great book series if the author would have written more fantasy into the plot. Instead, we got an erotic thriller with BDSM elements.

Tawny Taylor did a great rendering of the darker side of sex through the BDSM theme exposed in Darkest Fire. The book is fast pace and I recommend it if you like D/s within your erotic romance. You will be captivated.

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