Thursday, April 21, 2011

Powder of Love by Summer Devon

A lustful heirloom plays cupid

Rosalie Ambermere, an English heiress living in New York City, has her contented life turned upside down when her wicked cousin Johnny, Lord Williamsford, named her his heir. Among his vast collection of naughty objects, a dangerous aphrodisiacal powder, sought after by many.

Ignoring her lawyer’s warnings, Rosalie doesn’t take the aphrodisiac seriously until she witnesses an embarrassing incident with a shy lady who serves as her companion. Emily Renshaw indulges, under the influence of the powder, in sins of the flesh with John Hawes, Rosalie’s coachman. Their story becomes a brief secondary romance.

Convinced that the effect of the powder is real and in the wrong hands could be dangerous, Rosalie searches for the men, who her lawyer says have interest in buying the libidinous substance – Walter Clermont and Gideon Reed. Interestingly, when they visit Rosalie they never mention the powder. During that first encounter, Gideon and Rosalie are overwhelmingly drawn to each other during a simple handshake. This is before having any contact with the aphrodisiac.

Gideon Reed is hired by Walter Clermont’s family as a sort of custodian to prevent Walter’s arrest due to the debauchery he pursues. When Gideon realizes that Walter is after the powder, and that Rosalie might be in danger, he becomes her protector. A difficult task, because she is an independent woman with money and confidence. After a few incidents, Gideon and Rosalie team up to get rid of the powder in the best possible way.

Rosalie considers herself a spinster and is happy living with her servants and the occasional disruptive visit of her promiscuous mother. She doesn’t want to be like her, however, meeting Gideon and her body’s reaction to him makes her question her own wanton nature. Before Gideon, she was content, now she yearns more and more of Gideon. Her contentedness is gone along with her peace. In spite of his education, Gideon is rude when needed and exudes masculinity. The man she never dreamed.

A squire’s daughter who thought having a higher status in society than him, spurned Gideon. If he ever seeks a wife, she must be a woman from his own class and Rosalie is a lady. He wants Rosalie more than he ever desires anyone, but he would stay close to her only until he knows she is safe. After that, he plans to explore America. Because he truly cares about Rosalie, he is so protective of her, even from himself.

The powder brings them together, but the story is about how this seemingly unsuitable pair learns of one another while falling in love. There is tasteful sexual tension between them, as much as camaraderie, which foretell of the great time they would spend together in life.

Summer Devon has a unique way to core out her character’s strongest feelings while putting them through the best sex ever.

There is a beautiful and sensual exploration scene – where they discover each other's bodies. Followed by one of the most original loss of virginity I’d ever read. The author brings back the romance in erotic romance. I love books that take the time to develop a relationship before delving into the erotism. Why aren't there more historical romances like this? I had a great time reading this book. The fine writing makes Powder of Love a stimulating read. I smiled satisfied at the happy ending.

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