Friday, April 29, 2011

Too Sinful To Deny by Erica Ridley

Too engaging to put down.

Susan is banished by her aristocratical parents, who are tired of her misbehaving. She goes from being the darling of London to the unwanted newcomer in the gloomy coastal town of Bournemouth. The place is inhabited by pirates, smugglers, ghosts, villains, and a few unfortunate victims. There are also the town’s dressmakers, who are an interesting pair. According to Susan, the Witch and the Porcelain Doll own the Dress Shop of Iniquity.

Susan is a different kind of heroine if compared to the ones we usually encounter in historical romances. She unwillingly interacts with ghosts, besides, her witty and irreverent narrative keeps one entertained all the way to the end. Her thoughts run rampant most of the time, and since we are what we think...well, she gets into a lot of trouble.

Evan is a pleasantly mischievous hero. Yes, he is a smuggler and he is not a gentleman, but he is so charming that we don’t mind about his past. And in spite of all, he would protect Susan, even from her tendency to stumble into insurmountable danger.

Regardless of its title and the suggestive cover, the romance is more sweet than erotic in Too Sinful To Deny. There is ample sexual tension between Evan and Susan, but most love scenes are rather sensual than explicit. This, in addition to the great storyline going on, is perfectly all right with me. It would have been awkward having them engaging into extreme sex in the middle of so many uncertainties. Being gothic suspense romance, the heroine instead of feeling protected by the hero, distrusts him. Indeed, they both take turns doubting one another. Somehow, they find a way to fall in love during this nail-biting page-turner. This book will enthrall you from the first page until the very end, I highly recommend it.

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