Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life After Joe by Harper Fox.

The first thing I want to clarify is this book is more than about Joe. It is a fantastic love story, and an inner journey from being someone else's shadowy dependant to become a mature partner for another, and even better, a complete person.

That should have been the focus of the book, overmuch wasted on the culprit. I wish Matt's journey wouldn't have included recurrent yearning scenes and/or casual risky sex encounters. Two of those would have sufficed for us to understand Matt's suffering. I would have preferred the story to jump right into Matt's self-discovery and his journey into a better self, away from who/what made him weak and self-destructive.

Harper Fox has a spirited and sassy voice, but I read most of the first chapters with tearful eyes. I bet anyone who'd been forsaken would feel touched.

Matt nearly went suicidal when selfish Joe discovered the conveniences of being heterosexual. I have a few friends who'd gone Matt's route after a breakup, it's frustrating to see someone you care about, doing crazy things, and being unable to transfer to them any self-worth. So while reading this book, hold on, the first part is a ride through despair, lucky for us, the second part is outstanding. Just a little bit of Joe, and a lot of Aaron. Matt and Aaron's love scenes are sizzling, detailed and tender. Thanks Harper Fox for that!

I love Aaron's character, he's a caring, handsome, passionate, mature man who respects Matt and shows him there is more than...Joe. There is a suspenseful element in the story that I won't spoil for you, which puts Matt on the verge of losing his rationality again. I will be looking forward to more books from Harper Fox, a new promising talent.

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