Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wolf Tales X by Kate Douglas.

Wolf Tales X is as explicit and sensual as promised in the back cover. The warning is for real. The book is a well-written erotic fantasy with hetero, same-sex and ménage à trois explicit episodes. All elaborated in a gratifying way. Great for someone looking for a sizzling read, believe me, you will be satisfied. Wolf Tales X is part of a series, but stands alone.

Kate Douglas writes some of the best sex scenes between males I'd ever read. Her attention to details, the raw sexual needs of the characters and the passionate execution, are brilliantly scripted.

Although, there were a couple of scenes that impressed me the wrong way, and it takes a lot to do that. Maybe, I'm not as kinky as I thought, hence I'm handing over my perv card with its sadomasochistic endorsement. Be aware, Wolf Tales X includes among other kinks, female shapeshifter changing to animal form during oral sex with another female, and non-consensual sex between two males is misused as healing therapy. Only two scenes dedicated to this, still enough to make me feel like giving the book three stars. I usually don't bother with books that deserve that rate. Why? I'm too busy to waste my time reading such a thing, if I start the book and sense that rating coming, I put it on a side, and pick another.

In the case of Wolf Tales X, I read the whole book because is a fantastic entertainment and the sex scenes that followed those two, redeemed it.

Besides, Kate Douglas is an excellent writer, a real master of her craft. I can see her efforts trying to write something sexually different, and giving us the best of her writing. There is so much sex in the book, that her intent to convey the unique kind of love she developed for her Chanku, ends up being feeble. The final chapter succeeds in channeling some of this love, reading it again prompted me to grant the book four well-earned stars. I hope one day Kate Douglas will be able to balance both, the great sex and the romance.

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