Friday, February 18, 2011

Primal Heat by Crystal Jordan

Hedonistic sci-fi military thriller.

Primal Heat is more than erotic romance. It has as many action scenes as erotic ones, and a captivating action driven plot. I like Crystal Jordan's world creations. The Kiths are an advanced race of powerful shapeshifters with psychic abilities and hedonistic nature. They come from a planet called Suen. A planet shared with the Kins. A weaker race from who the human earthmen are descendants, being Earth a former colony settled by slavelike Kins.

A fleet of Kith warships orbiting Earth hints alien invasion. The Kiths return to Earth declaring they come in peace and their only goal is to find emperor Kyber's One, his destined soul mate. Who he perceives to be among Earth's population. The concept of fated mate is as alien to earthmen as the Kiths. Earthlings don't believe the unheard of excuse, reacting with fear and belligerence.

Handling the diplomacy between the Earthmen and the Sueni, is Lord Farid Arjun. A member of the Kith nobility, and cousin of the emperor. Bren Preston is the assistant of the US General William Arthur. Who consolidates the earthling military powers creating a global defense system. The main weapon against the Kith is a sound device that could dull their strong psychic powers. Bren realizes Arthur is using the false invasion as an excuse to implement his own plans for global domination. The Sueni don't retaliate after Arthur attacks a Sueni ship killing everybody aboard. Bren recognizes that the real enemy is Arthur. She defects joining the Sueni to stop the evil general from taking over the world. Bren uses the disturbing link she has with Farid to get in touch with them.

Since the moment they meet Farid knows Bren is his One. He tries to resist the attraction, but his inner beast has other plans. So when Farid sleeps, his beast gets across Brens' dreams, making passionate love with her. Farid is disturbed by the death of his loved ones. Who were unable to continue living after their mate died. All fatal victims of the extreme dependance of the One bond. Thus, Farid biggest fear is to fall for this afflictive type of love. He enjoys a physical relationship with Bren with no intention to ever tell her, she is his One. The One bond it's sharing that goes beyond the physical. It's a sensory and mental connection that could have one mate feeling and experiencing, the pleasure or/and the pain, the other mate is going through in spite of distance.

Primal Heat is a compilation of two stories. The only differences are that the first story, Wicked Lord, is told from the point of view of Farid and Bren, while the second, Carnal Empress, is told from the point of view of Jana and Kyber. The storyline, the outer conflict, the setting, the villain, the secondary characters, and the final confrontation, are shared during both stories. The two couples' inner conflicts are different, but that didn't need a separate design. If we would have been exposed to Jana and Kyber's relationship from the second chapter of Wicked Lord, it would have been easier to engage in their grief-stricken personal conflicts. Carnal Empress starts with emperor Kyber's rescue. After being brutally tortured by general Arthur. Kyber's One, Jana, the reason why the Kith comes to Earth in the first place, it's leading the rescuing party. The conflict between Kyber and Jana, starts when he is taken prisoner. Jana in her desperation to free him falls in Arthur's trap, who sexually abuses her, later letting her free, knowing that he damaged her enough, that even after Kyber is freed, the mental torture continues for both of them.

Primal Heat is a satisfying page-turner, which I suggest to anybody who likes erotic paranormal thrillers.

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