Friday, February 18, 2011

His Conquest by Diana Cosby

Action-packed Scottish historical romance

Lady Linet Dancort grew up with more freedom and education than most women in her lifetime. After her parents' death, her brother, Lord Tearlach, promises her that she would be free to choose her husband. Linet learns of her brother's vicious nature and greed when Lord Tearlach forces her to marry an abusive nobleman in order to gain a political alliance. Linet's only chance to escape such a fate is to seek refuge with her dead mother's clan in the Highlands. Being in the middle of the First War of Scottish Independence, her chances of surviving the journey by herself are minimum. Furious with her brother's treachery, she takes revenge by freeing Seathan MacGruder, Earl of Grey, from Lord Tearlach's dungeon, in exchange for being escorted to her destination.

Hours before being executed, a mysterious and beautiful English woman, who claims to be half Scottish, offers Seathan a deal he cannot refuse. Injured and weak after being tortured, he needs Linet's support and knowledge of the secret tunnels under the castle to survive. He suspects her motives, but respects her secrecy, ignoring the immensity of it, she's the sister of his worse enemy. A woman who saves his life, who he desires and who later will mistrust, believing she's a spy acting in collusion with her brother.

A breathtaking adventure with great fighting scenes and creative hideouts begins. From the first page to the last, they are closely pursued or attacked. Chases and battles interwoven with abundant sexual tension and passionate kissing. When they finally make love, the scene is one of the most touching I'd ever read. An engaging page-turner, the kind of book to take along for a ride.

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