Friday, February 18, 2011

Insatiable by Morgan Hawke

The ultimate vampiric ménage fantasy

Elaine's fantasies come true when Aramis, a handsome vampire, intrudes into her private train compartment while she travels to Prague. She is an artist and a vampire's fan, who even has a set of vampire fangs caps as part of her Goth girl's wardrobe. Aramis is lured by her rich creativity. His kind feeds on people's souls and talent simultaneously with their blood, while having sex.

Aramis asks for her company for the night. Elaine is seduced at first sight by his raw masculinity, but she resists what could be a dangerous one night stand. When Aramis discovers Elaine's vampiric books, he reveals to her his true nature. She still doubts, her instincts warn her of a danger her body refuses to discern. Aramis, on those first chapters, is one of the coolest characters I came across in a long time. I love his mischievous wit and charm, his interplay with Elaine made me laugh.

Aramis asks, "May I have you for the night?" So many times, that at one point I thought, "Just grab her and be done with it!" Well, there is a reason for all his politeness. In order to properly take what he needs from Elaine, Aramis has to initiate her in a sexual magic of some kind, which includes some parts that could be perceived as a forced seduction, therefore he needs her previous consent. Permission he would remind her about when his sexual appetites are more than she is willing to yield. I won't spoil the details, I'm just warning you that the cute and kind Aramis from the first chapters soon is gone, he becomes an alpha male once he possesses her. Shortly before reaching Prague, Aramis finds out Elaine unknowingly consigned herself to an evil vampire, Dimitri. Who would take all her creativity and soul, until she's dead.

Aramis feels responsible for Elaine because in order to take her essence without pain, he made her a thrall, an easy prey for any vampire. At least, during nine days she would be vulnerable, that's plenty of time for Dimitri to take her beyond saving. The only way to protect her is putting Elaine under Rafael's protection. Rafael is a young looking but ancient and powerful vampire, a leader to their kind. From that point on, Elaine's life changes forever. I like Elaine's character a lot, she's brave, realistic and eventually defends herself, and fights Dimitri without Aramis or Rafael's help.

Insatiable is different from any vampiric book I'd read. The first chapters consist of a romance between Aramis and Elaine, and the rest of the book is a menage a trois between Aramis, Rafael and Elaine. This last part is not for everybody. The erotism moves to BDSM with Elaine being the submissive one between her two new masters.

There are a couple of scenes in where the sex between Rafael and Aramis gets hinted. I say hinted, because it happens while they are having sex with Elaine and it's not as explicit as the scenes where either of them is having sex with her.

Morgan Hawke's unique writing style flowing smoothly makes Insatiable a page turner. I read it in two sittings. However, there is an author's habit that I didn't like, and it's that she repeats whole exacts phases or/and descriptions throughout the narrative. Some parts look like copying/pasting, something which I don't understand why she does, because she's a talented and imaginative writer. In spite of it, I still recommend Insatiable as a great read, if one likes erotic explicit paranormal romance.

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