Friday, February 18, 2011

Eternal Flame by Cynthia Eden

Everlasting burning passion.

Zane Wynter is a sexy half-demon, the son of a human mother and a powerful but vicious demon. After overcoming his violent past he atones as a member of the supernatural bounty hunter group, Night Watch. Zane is very strong and can control fire at will. While hunting down a perpetrator, who'd been killing for the vampires in Baton Rouge, Zane rescues an innocent looking woman from a burning house. Unaware that the beautiful damsel in distress started the blaze in the first place, he kisses her as an indication of the scorching heat that will eventually consume them.

Jana Carter is an Igniter, a human capable of harnessing fire, who is on the run. Being hunted by Night Watch at request of the FBI, who has her on its extermination list, and by her former associates, the members of Project Perseus. An extreme vigilantes group whose goal is to destroy all paranormal beings, including those who are no harm to humans. Aware of their evil plans, Jana refuses to collaborate any more with Perseus, but they want her back at any cost. In spite of their mutual mistrust, Jana and Zane unite forces in bringing down Perseus.

I like Jana's personality and grit. Specially the way she protects Zane, who doesn't really needs protection. When Perseus' masterminds realize about Zane's power, they try to coerce him to join their cruel cause in exchange for Jana's life. Both Jana and Zane must deal with their innermost fears and vulnerabilities.

Eternal Flame is Night Watch's Book 3, but like the other books in the series can be read alone. It has an elaborated plot with plenty of nail-biting twists, breathtaking love scenes. and extraordinary characters. I highly recommend it.

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