Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hellfire by Kate Douglas

Tenderhearted long-haired hero and magical swords.

I’m familiar with the concept of the legend of Lemuria, and I like the mythology it inspired Kate Douglas to create for The DemonSlayers Book series. Read this book while suspending disbelief and enjoy the tale The fantasy world and its multiple settings is perfectly detailed throughout the narrative. All right, I confess, I have a penchant for long-haired heroes and magical swords. There are parts in Hellfire that remind me of Japanese animation and, since I’m a fan, Hellfire was an exciting read where I could easily connect with the story and its characters. And in a few instances I laughed out loud.

Lesser demons have started to work together under the orders of one who is powerful and vicious. They are possessing the bodies of animals and menacing human kind. Alton, an exiled Lemurian warrior, together with his fighting mates, Eddy, Dax, and Ginny, the beautiful woman that mesmerizes him, use their respective crystal swords to save the world.

Ginny is the kind of urban fantasy heroine I prefer - witty, strong and sassy. Someone who, regardless of the threat, never backs down. There is much more to Ginny than is first revealed.

Alton is a surprisingly tenderhearted hero. He's the kind of guy you'd describe as gorgeous and so cool, and the most relaxed immortal I’ve read about. Besides his warrior skills he is a great kisser. Lucky Ginny She never stands a chance, even when Alton believes what separates them is greater than what unites them. Their love scenes are sensual and explicit. Resisting their mutual attraction is futile.

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