Sunday, September 26, 2010

His Virgin Acquisition by Maisey Yates

A fresh and exciting twist at the marriage of convenience.

When Marco finishes listening to Elaine's business proposal, he's upset because she's wasting his time. The woman's brilliant business presentation is a marriage of convenience. Before he calls security to remove this insane person, he takes a second look at her. The icy business facade intrigues him. Elaine's proposal becomes a challenge.

Marco could use a wife to impress a traditional businessman whose property he wants to acquire. Marco closes the business transaction a.k.a. marriage with some strict rules of his own. Among them no falling in love with him, no children and she has to live with him. At the end she gets what she wants, her father's company. None of them is acknowledging the wild passion that sizzles between their verbal battles, and when they finally do, it's only about sex, right?

Elaine sworn off love and doesn't trust men. An early romantic experience gone wrong destroyed her reputation and halted her career. Her own father deceived her, denying her right to inherit his company. She worked hard to save said company and he still doesn't think she deserves to be the CEO. Instead he sold it to Marco De Luca's corporation. Besides, Elaine greatest fear is being like her weak-willed mother.

Marco is a self-made billionaire. Being abandoned by both parents together with his younger brother, his greatest fear is suffering a similar fate at the hands of a love one. If you don't include your heart and soul you're safe, right?

The story starts with witty power struggles, and later goes into the deeper feelings, when they both are forced to deal with their inner fears and vulnerabilities. Everything comes to trust and denial of true feelings. How can one love someone and distrust this person at the same time?

Maisey Yates has the skill to draw one in the story. I found myself identified with Elaine, understanding her battle to prove she's more than a beautiful body, and her fascination with Marco, who is both her ticket to success and her fast track to failure. Which path would she take? All depends of how long she resists this handsome man from taking over her body and her heart.

I enjoyed the verbal fencing between then, the building up of the passion, when that passion bursts and the exciting end.

Regardless of its length this book is very complete. All the details well taking care of, we will need to suspend our disbelief at an important incident which I'm not going to spoil, but other than that this is perfectly written romance. I recommend this book and I'll be looking forward to read more stories from Maisey Yates.

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