Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Takedown by Julie Miller.

The first word that comes to mind is satisfying. Yes, Julie Miller's Takedown has everything a great book should, including sizzling lovemaking. You read it right, a Harlequin Intrigue with passionate scenes and unexpected hot kisses. A perfectly threaded blend of romance and suspense, featuring a convoluted villain who kept everyone (including me) exhilarating until the very end.

I must confess, I fell in love with Captain Michael Cutler at first read, it's hard to say which part of him I like more, but I'll try. Maybe is the way he wears his KCPD uniform, his age (he is in his early forties) so tasty mature, with salt-and-pepper hair and dark blue eyes, his height (I have a thing for tall men) and of course, Michael's kisses! Next time I have to give an example of a great alpha, he will be mine. Oops! I forgot to mention he is a hero, a real one, he leads a SWAT team with Spartan discipline.

I'm sorry Jillian (the heroine) when Michael is in the room I don't have eyes for anybody else. You know what I mean, right?

Just kidding, Jillian Masterson is a complex character with emotional issues we all can relate to, even without ever fighting the same addicting demons she struggled with during her adolescence. Her need for redemption and her genuine desire to help others motives her now. She's the savvy sister of Eli Masterson, who I relished in Julie Miller's Baby Jane Doe, excellent book too.

Besides the rebuffing and thrillful pursuit of the villain, Michael and Jillian have their own battle among themselves. The fifteen age difference, her lurking past, and his fear to lose another love one (he is a widower); must be settled before we can enjoy our astounding happy ending.

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