Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Gentleman and the Rogue by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon.

This book delighted and surprised me big time. I bought it thinking I was only getting a romance between two guys in a historical setting. I got much more. Explaining my impression better, I could say that if all the explicit sex scenes were tone down to sweet romance, the plot would still stand.

The Gentleman and the Rogue is about Alan and Jem, the most different men one can imagine, united by their contrasting needs. Jem's days are full of hardship, but he makes the best out of his miserable life with a positive attitude that could motivate a rock, or a distressed man.

Alan who is still young thinks he is at the end of his life because of his tortured past, blind to the opulent life he takes for granted. In his darkest moment Alan sees the light through the eyes of a charming scoundrel, Jem. And there we go into an amazing journey towards love, through sizzling passion and dangerous adventures.

Jem's witty story telling is fantastic, I laughed silly with most of them, the authors should have make him a published writer at the end, he got talent.

This book is a complete erotic gay romance. The relationship and the sex are satisfactory detailed to the reader, the character growth is tangible and we get the bonus of a thriller woven with it. Plus a disturbed villain that I hated, which of course means the authors did a great job portraying him.

I read The Gentleman and the Rogue in one sitting, started on my desk, and ended laying on the couch (I have a HTPC, a computer hook to a TV so I can read in couch potato mode). I finished about 3:AM in the morning, paid the price the next day by being in zombie mood, but it was worthy.

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