Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Psychic and the Sleuth

Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee produced magic again

I've been reading these authors' individual work for years, enjoying great stories along the way. However, when they join forces and co-write a book, it's perfection. They create a sensuous dance with a magical rhythm for the protagonists.

In the Psychic and the Sleuth, the dance is like a tango between two men, who are so different from one another, as the many doubts entangling their irresistible attraction.
While investigating a fake psychic case, Robert Court is forced to experience again the last minutes in the life of his cousin Lily, for whose murder he has never found closure. Always thinking that the wrong person was executed for it. The medium under his scrutiny reveals details never released to the press. Robert's distrust increases, but soon his interest in the psychic is more than professional.

Oliver Marsh makes a successful living as an intermediary between the living and the dead, shamelessly taking advantage of the rich by comforting them about their deceased relatives' afterlife. Suddenly, while in a trance, he is catapulted into the dreadful last minutes of a girl's life, viciously cut short by a ruthless murderer. And now, Oliver can't take her off his mind, in the same disturbing, but more pleasant ways, he can't either take her cousin Robert off his life.

Robert and Oliver collaborate to solve Lily's murder and to prevent her murderer from killing again.

If I keep giving details I'll spoil the rest of the story for you, but I want to tell you that, I particularly enjoyed how well the authors portray Robert and Oliver, being a real pleasure to witness their journey toward one another. I also liked a lot the scenes when Oliver recalls the murder by channeling Lily's spirit. Those are truly touching and spine-chilling.

Gosh! I almost forgot to mention that there are many explicit sex scenes between these sexy men, and their romance has a nice happy ending. I'm taking the time to specify this, because lately, I've read some books that are only sex, or not enough sex, with a tiny plot and less character development. So, it's fair to say this book is well balanced and that reading The Psychic and the Sleuth is refreshing and satisfying. I highly recommend it.

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