Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Sarantos Secret Baby By Olivia Gates

Parenthood and passion between rivals

Aris Sarantos's toughest business rival is a man Aris secretly admires and by who, he wishes to be recognized. Sadly, the man dies without acknowledging Aris at all. Worse, somehow Aris feels affected by his unexpected departure, specially after being the last person who argued with him. Aris attends his funeral in spite of being unwelcome. He has to be there, he needs the closure too. What he finds is a way to channel his unexpected sorrow with the daughter of his bitter rival.

She always has had this crush for Aris Sarantos, and when he dares to show up at her father's funeral, Selene Louvardis confronts him. Somehow, they end up spending a passionate weekend together. One that would bring a child into their irreconcilable worlds. Selene imagines Aris doesn't want their baby, and keeps the secret, but once Aris find out of his existence, nobody can keep his child away from him. The baby forces Aris to face the demons from his own childhood, which shaped his character.

The interaction between Selene and Aris is sizzling and explosive, the kind of romance one keeps reading frenetically, because one needs to know how these two are going to work their differences. Thanks God, romance guarantees a happy ending, because there are some dramatic moments in this one. What I liked the most in the book is the author's portrait of Aris Sarantos, a memorable alpha hero. I also love that cover since the first time I saw it.

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