Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Daddy for Jacoby by Christyne Butler

A bad boy encounters unexpected love

I read most of the Welcome to Destiny series, and so far, A Daddy for Jacoby is my favorite. Maybe I truly have a thing for bad boys. There is something deep in the story of Jacoby, and how he ends up being the responsibility of a father he barely knows. Jacoby's obsession with the pillowcase that holds his few possessions, made me teary-eyed.

After serving his time, Justin Dillon is back in town, trying of getting the stability he never had. The only disturbing element in this new life is Gina Steele, who happens to be the sister of Destiny's Sheriff, Gage Steele. Whose story we enjoyed in The Sheriff's Secret Wife. Where he had his own passionate romance with Justin's sister, Racy Dillon. During this book, we witness Racy and Gage's happy-ever-after.

Gina is a good girl, whose charm and generosity make Justin's world a little bit harder. Because she is the one woman he can’t have. After spending a night together, during which they only shared a room, in spite of the whole town thinking they shared more. Gina is resolved to get Justin for real, but he doesn't want to mess with his little hard-earned peace, besides, Jacoby's presence is not the best time to start a romance with Gina. There is a lot of sexual tension between them, and the sensual scenes are intense.

It's touching seeing their process into love, specially Justin's acceptance of deserving a happy ending too. Since most of his reactions to Gina are because he thinks that his past mistakes make him worthless. The author writes in an amazing realistic way, all characters well developed and details that made us care about their fates. So get ready to laugh, get mad, wipe a teary eye, and smile at the romantic ending.

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