Friday, March 25, 2011

Truth or Demon by Kathy Love

When Killian meets Poppy

Poppy's young sister Daisy, and her best friends, Emma and Madison, find a spell in a fiction book to summon and demand a wish from a demon. They wished a demon who could find a boyfriend for Poppy, who has dedicated her life to raise Daisy, and who deserves happiness.

Well, their wish is granted, they got their demon, straight from The First Circle of Hell. Killian, who happens to be the nicest demon I ever read about. He is handsome, kind, understanding, charming and a true gentleman.

What follows is a nice romance between Poppy and Killian. Who is forbidden to become the needed boyfriend, he has to find someone perfect for Poppy. Of course, during his matchmaking adventure he falls for Poppy.

If you have been reading heavy emotional books and you need a laughter, this is the book which would come to the rescue. I enjoy it very much. During the first chapters I have to stop a few times to laugh.

However, this is not a paranormal. I mean, the hero might be a demon and there are a few extrasensory elements in it, but don't expect your usual paranormal. Is a romantic comedy with young adult and woman's fiction elements. The sex scenes might be too erotic for young adults, but are not as explicit as in erotic romance.

Anyway, I love the book, I wish it would have had a more complex plot line, but maybe wouldn't have been as funny. It's the kind of book I would give away to friends or even read twice. I don't re-read many books, but this one is a keeper.

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