Sunday, August 8, 2010

Anne Stuart's Reckless, the perfect historical romance.

I liked The Wicked House of Rohan and Ruthless a lot, but in Reckless Anne Stuart achieves a balance that had me transfixed with delight throughout the whole book.

I enjoyed the story so much that I read it in two sittings, and I got emotionally involved with the characters earlier than in the others books. The love scenes are sizzling. The interaction between Adrian and Charlotte is so well done that at times I felt like a voyeur. The way the characters from Ruthless came into Reckless was perfect. Actually it was nice to see Francis and Elinor again. If there is anything I could say that I didn’t like, it’s when the secondary romance interrupts the first. I even fastforwarded a few pages to continue reading what really interested me. In Ruthless, the secondary romance was woven in better. All the same, I still cherish Reckless. I wish there was a seven stars rating I could give it. Because I love it!

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